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BIOS 196: UIC Biology Colloquium

What Is The Biology Colloquium? Heading link

Combines in-class seminars with off-campus day and weekend field trips, with the goal of introducing students to different areas of the Biological Sciences, and alternate career options.

Course Information: May be repeated up to 1 time(s). Field trips required at a nominal fee. Prerequisite(s): Major in biological sciences, biochemistry, or neuroscience.

The Biology Colloquium at UIC is a student-run organization for individuals interested in biology or science related fields. The Colloquium provides students with an overview of the diverse career opportunities available in the Biological Sciences and provides information on field trips, research positions, study partners, and tutoring opportunities.

​The UIC Biology Colloquium (BCQ) is an interactive course sponsored by the Department of Biological Sciences (listed as BioS 196). BCQ is a student-run class for individuals interested in careers in the Biological Sciences.  Through BCQ students will:

  • Learn about the diversity of career options in biology
  • Meet professors from within UIC and from other scientific institutions
  • Visit museums and zoos to learn how biology is used to manage their collections
  • Tour laboratories and learn about research being done both on and off campus
  • Visit specialized medical facilities and learn about the training needed for these fields
  • Attend career‐focused scientific seminars
  • Make contacts/network with professional biologists
  • Attend the optional fall weekend and spring week‐long trips to biological field stations, to explore natural areas through hiking, canoeing, birding and other activities
  • Establish mentoring relationships with senior students who lead the BCQ course
  • Have the chance to become a BCQ Student Leader or Student Coordinator yourself
  • Make lifelong friendships

For more information regarding BCQ, please click here or click the link below.