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BIOS Probation

Probation in the Biological Sciences Major

All students majoring in Biological Sciences are required to maintain a 2.00 or higher GPA in all major coursework. Students who fail to maintain a 2.00 or higher BIOS GPA at the end of each fall and spring semesters are placed on BIOS probation. Students placed on BIOS probation have three academic terms (Fall, Spring, Summer) to raise their major GPA(s) to at least a 2.00. If students do not raise both major GPAs to a 2.00 or higher by the end of probation will be permanently dismissed from the Biological Sciences major. Students dismissed from the major are no longer allowed to pursue a minor in Biological Sciences or take BIOS coursework unless required by their new major. Students may only be placed on BIOS probation two separate times. If a student finds themselves in a major deficit for a third time, they will not be placed on BIOS probation but will be automatically dismissed from the Biological Sciences major.

Students who are on BIOS probation are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with a BIOS advisor to discuss grades needed to raise their major GPA as well as strategies for success. Appointments can be scheduled at In the meantime, please view the webinar below designed to help you better understand what Biological Sciences probation entails, how to calculate major deficit points, and resources for your success moving forward. You will need to login with your UIC credentials to access the webinar.

Biological Sciences Major Probation Webinar