BIOS 391: Independent Study

This course gives you the chance to pursue an Independent Study Project and obtain 1 hour of credit towards your major.

You will work under the supervision of a Biological Sciences Professor who you have selected. Please visit our Research page to review the research interests of our faculty to find your best match. What you do for a BIOS 391 project and how you are assessed for the course varies by project and professor.

No more than 5 hours of credit from BIOS 391 and BIOS 399 courses can be used as credit towards the Biological Sciences major.


Minimum of 2.00/4.00 grade point average in Biological Sciences courses and consent of the instructor

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade only


Print and complete an Application for Independent Study , then deliver it to 3272 SES or to a Biological Sciences advisor, preferably before the start of the semester for which you would like to register.

BIOS 391 Applications for the Spring 2020 semester must be submitted to 3272 SES no later than 12pm on Friday, January 24th, 2020.  After the deadline, students will need to complete the application, obtain a late add letter from the instructor, and bring completed forms to BIOS advisor.