Graduate Application

The graduate program in Biological Sciences offers a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes original research and prepares students for research, teaching, and curatorial careers in academic, governmental, and industrial settings. Opportunities for student research range from theoretical to applied questions and from laboratory research to field studies at local and international sites. High priority is given to students pursuing the Ph.D. degree; occasionally, well-qualified applicants for the M.S. degree may be considered. Students are admitted for Fall semester only. 

To our applicants for Fall 2019 admission:

Thank you for considering graduate study in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago. While we do encourage applicants to submit all materials by December 1st, this is a guideline for us, not a deadline. Our primary season for review begins at the end of December/early January and continues through March. 

Please review our Admission Requirements in the Graduate Catalog before applying.

Please note that applicants do not send hard copy academic documents/transcripts to UIC, but rather scan and upload these for the department and graduate admissions to review. Recommenders also upload reference letters through this system. Submission of official sealed (or official electronic) academic documents/transcripts becomes a requirement only if an applicant is admitted.

The required materials for a complete application and the method of submission is given below:

  • Personal statement [upload]
  • Resume or curriculum vitae/CV [upload]
  • 3 letters of recommendation [system generates request to recommender]
  • 'Application for Graduate Appointment' Form [upload]
  • 'Research Area / Potential Faculty Advisor' form  [upload]
  • GRE general exam scores [request that ETS transmit official score reports to UIC]
  • List of in-progress and planned courses (if any), with institution, course name, term [type and upload as a pdf]

To begin your application process, go to the UIC Admissions website. You will need to choose either 'Domestic-degree-seeking' or 'International-degree-seeking'. The system will prompt you to create a user id and password. You can then enter your application information. Once you submit this information and the application fee, the system will send you further instructions (typically in the next several business days) on using the checklist to upload materials and generate requests to your recommenders for letters.

Please note that you do not have to enter and submit all application information, or upload all materials, at one sitting. You can return to the system as many times as you need to. You can also return to the system checklist as often as you like to see what materials have been successfully uploaded and what may be still outstanding. Again, official transcripts are not necessary until you are offered admission. Thank you again for your interest in graduate study in the Department of Biological Sciences at UIC. If you have any questions regarding the program or application/review process, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

Best regards,

Beth Brand
Graduate Academic Advisor
Department of Biological Sciences/UIC 312-996-2931