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Alfonso, AixaClassical and molecular genetic analysis of neural development and synapse function in C. elegans
Ashley, MaryMolecular ecology, landscape genetics, conservation biology
BassiriRad, HormozEcophysiology, plant nutrition and global climate change
Chang, ChiehMolecular and opto-genetic investigation of neural circuit assembly and regeneration
Chuang, Chiou-FenMolecular and genetic mechanisms of cellular diversity in the C. elegans sensory system
Dubreuil, RonaldGenetic studies of spectrin in Drosophila: effects on absorption, packaging, and transport of dietary fat and effects on the development of Parkinson’s disease
Gong, Liang-WeiMolecular mechanisms of exocytosis and endocytosis
Gonzalez-Meler, MiquelResponse of ecosystems and plants to environmental change with emphasis on ecosystem effects on climate, human-nature interactions, and the impact of non-native species (including pests) on ecosystem function. Other areas include bioenergy systems, sustainability of urban areas, and environmental forensics.
Howe, Henry F. I study restoration of seed-dispersal processes and habitat heterogeneity in fragmented tropical landscapes.
Igic, Boris Evolution, mating systems, diversity and disparity within/among organismal groups, quantitative trait loci
Jeffery, ConstanceProtein structure, function and evolution, membrane proteins, moonlighting proteins, pseudoenzymes, the effects of disease- causing mutations on protein structure and function, predicting protein functions
Kay, BrianMolecular recognition, protein-protein interactions, protein engineering, biotechnology, phage-display
Lynch, Jeremy Evolution of development, insects, embryos, pattern formation, germline determination, cis-regulatory logic, genetic basis of form and morphogenesis
Malchow, Robert PaulSynaptic mechanisms in the vertebrate retina; neural-glial interactions; transport processes
Mason-Gamer, RobertaI use genetic methods to study plant evolutionary history, with a particular focus on the phylogenetics of polyploids and hybrids.
Minor, Emily Landscape ecology, urban ecology, conservation planning, dispersal and invasions
Morrison, DonGenetic recombination and quorum sensing in the streptococci
Okkema, PeterMuscle & neuronal development and organogenesis in the nematode C. elegans
Orenic, TeresaPattern formation in the Drosophila adult limbs and nervous system
Park, ThomasNeurobiology studies of sensory systems using behavioral and physiological techniques
Polikanov, YuryStructural studies of ribosome functional complexes
Poretsky, RachelMicrobial ecology in marine and freshwater environments, metagenomics and metatranscriptomics, bioinformatics
Richmond, JanetBehavioral, electrophysiological and ultrastructural analyses in C. elegans to resolve molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission (exocytosis, endocytosis and receptor trafficking)
Saxena, AnkurQuantitative analysis of neural crest stem cell and neural crest- derived cancer migration/differentiation in vivo
Shingleton, AlexEvolution, Development, Physiology, Eco-Evo-Devo, Gene-Environment Interactions, Modeling, Drosophila, Morphology, Allometry, Plasticity
Stone, DavidG protein regulated signaling, directional sensing, and cellular polarization in yeast
Warpeha, KatherineGlobal change biology, cellular stress, cellular signaling, plant products of the phenylpropanoid pathway
Wise, DavidMathematical modeling of the dynamics of soil food webs.