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Photo of Keyhani, Nemat (Oliver)

Nemat (Oliver) Keyhani

LAS Distinguished Chair in the Natural Sciences


Biological Sciences


Building & Room:

MBRB 4320

Related Sites:


Research Projects in the lab deal with:

  • Fungal host-pathogen interactions; molecular mechanisms of fungal pathogens of insects & fungal pathogens of plants
  • Fungal-insect (beetle) symbioses; microbial mutualism in ambrosia and bark beetles.
  • Olfactory networks in insects; biochemistry and interactions with immune and neurological systems.
  • Molecular bases of pathogenicity and mutualism in entomopathogenic fungi (Beauveria bassiana) and phytopathogenic fungi (Raffaelea lauricola).
  • Biochemical, molecular, and evolutionary mechanisms involved in insect chemical communication with a particular interest in social insects.
  • Pest control and parasitoids.
  • Environmental ecology of fungi and other microbes in natural and disturbed habitats.


We use a wide breadth of techniques including molecular, biochemical, and cellular that extend from microscopy to transcriptomics and microbiome characterization to genetic (reporter and gene knockouts, RNAi, CRISPR-Cas9) and biochemical studies.