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Joseph Walker

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences


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As a computational biologist my interests fall at the intersection of biology and computer science. In this growing field, I focus on comparing large genomic datasets across species in order to identify historical processes that occurred millions of years ago. This includes examining genome datasets for signatures of gene and whole genome duplications, ancient hybridization, and genomic changes associated with rapid speciation events. By inferring these processes, we can begin to understand how species are related to each other, why traits are unevenly distributed across the tree of life, and what genes are associated with specific adaptations.

Although genomic data has incredible potential to provide insight about biology, processing it requires unprecedented memory and computing power. The exponential rate at which sequencing data is produced is beginning to outpace our ability to store and process this data in an efficient manner. As such, my research advances the study of genomes by developing novel methods and programs to process and analyze sequencing data. Specifically, I aim to create fast, memory efficient, and biologically informed procedures to help ease the burden that large scale sequencing projects have on our current computing infrastructure.

Selected Publications

(Complete list of publications on Google Scholar)

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Ph.D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan, 2018
M.S. Botany, Purdue University, 2014
B.S. Genetics, Purdue University, 2012
B.S. Neurology and Physiology, Purdue University, 2012