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Photo of Salles, Angeles

Angeles Salles

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences


Building & Room:

SES 3358

Office Phone:

(312) 996-2955


I am interested in the auditory processing of complex sounds and the underlying neurobiology of social behaviors. In humans, efforts have been made to investigate the neural underpinnings of speech and music processing. It is crucial to establish mammalian models that will allow us to comparatively investigate molecular and physiological principles involved in these behaviors.

Bats are gregarious animals that have well developed audio-vocal systems and produce ultrasonic vocalizations to navigate their environment, and also they produce social communication calls that vary in complexity, form, and function. Furthermore, vocal learning has been described in a handful of bat species. Thus, bats emerge as a key mammalian model to bridge the research on auditory communication across taxa. By using electrophysiological, behavioral and molecular approaches I aim to investigate how the brain of these auditory specialists processes social communication sounds and how they develop their vocal repertoire.

Selected Publications

  • Angeles Salles, Clarice Diebold, Cynthia Moss. Bat target tracking strategies for prey interception. Communicative and Integrative Biology (2021) Link
  • Angeles Salles, Clarice Diebold, Cynthia F. Moss. Echolocating bats accumulate information from acoustic snapshots to predict auditory object motion. PNAS (2020) Link
  • Angeles Salles, Sangwook Park, Harshavardhan Sundar, Silvio Macias, Mounya Elhilali, Cynthia Moss. Neural response selectivity to natural sounds in the bat midbrain. Neuroscience (2020) Cover article
  • Angeles Salles, Kirsten Bohn, Cynthia Moss. Auditory communication processing in bats: What we know and where to go. Behavioral Neuroscience (2019) Link


Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins University, 2017-2021
Ph.D. in Biology, Neuroscience, University of Buenos Aires, 2017
B.S./M.Sc in Biology, University of Buenos Aires, 2012