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Apr 4 2024

LIN Seminar: “Electrophysiological signatures of cognitive development and bilingualism in processing simple arithmetic” by Nicole Wicha (University of Texas, San Antonio)

April 4, 2024

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


SELE 4289

Please join us on April 4, 2024 at 4pm in SELE 4289 for a LIN Seminar featuring "Electrophysiological signatures of cognitive development and bilingualism in processing simple arithmetic" by Dr. Nicole Wicha (University of Texas, San Antonio).

Wicha Lab

Host: Kara Morgan Short

Abstract: My lab at the University of Texas at San Antonio aims to understand how being bilingual affects language comprehension and other aspects of cognition. In 2009 we decided to explore what seemed like a simple but important question, “how do bilinguals perform math in each of their languages?”. This set off over a decade of research testing established ideas in the field of math cognition, and opening new questions about how bilingual children and adults verify simple arithmetic problems. In my talk I will present research using event related potential measures of brain activity and behavioral measures of performance in monolingual and bilingual school-age children and college-age adults. I will address two main questions: 1) do children and adults verify arithmetic facts in the same way?, and 2) do bilinguals show an advantage in their language of learning arithmetic?


Emily Beaufort

Date posted

Nov 10, 2023

Date updated

Mar 13, 2024