Apr 18 2017

Hadley Talks Part 3

April 18, 2017

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


4289 SEL, 840 West Taylor St

Each year, the Ecology & Evolution group awards mini research grants to E&E graduate students. These presentations showcase the research that they conducted using the funds. This is the third of the three part series.

Joao Capurucho - Comparative phylogenomics of six Amazonian white sand specialist birds

Jason Davlantes 
- Does the diet and behavior of P. montezuma facilitate connectivity for rainforest trees in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico?

Margaret Malone
 - Fear and Foraging: The indirect costs of predation provide insight into landscape scale habitat use on coral reefs



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Aug 13, 2018

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Aug 13, 2018