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Feb 6 2024

E&E Seminar: “Exploring Tree Diversity Patterns in the Andes Region and Mexico” by Bela Loza (Morton Arboretum)

February 6, 2024

12:30 PM - 1:30 AM


4289 SELE

Please join us at 12:30 on February 6, 2024 for an E&E Seminar featuring Dr. Bela Loza (Morton Arboretum)


Host: Emily Minor

Abstract: Biodiversity exhibits complex and dynamic patterns globally, varying across scales and time. Unraveling these patterns is important for effective conservation initiatives, offering valuable insights into the factors shaping species distribution. In my research, I explore species distribution patterns of two distinct regions: the Andes of Bolivia and the Northern part of Mexico. In the Bolivian Andes, I examine the rarity of tree species, studying how local abundance, geographic range size, and habitat breadth interplay. In Northern Mexico, my focus shifts to the diversity patterns of Oak species. Employing species distribution models and a multicriteria analysis, I aim to identify conservation priority areas, and then evaluate the efficacy of national legal protected areas in safeguarding these ecosystems. With my research I want to contribute with insights into biodiversity conservation practices


Emily Beaufort

Date posted

Jul 19, 2023

Date updated

Nov 30, 2023