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Feb 13 2024

E&E Seminar: “Exploring plant population trait variation in restoration contexts” by Alicia Foxx (Chicago Botanic Garden)

February 13, 2024

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


SELE 4289

Please join us at 12:30 on Feb. 13, 2024 for an E&E Seminar featuring "Exploring plant population trait variation in restoration contexts" by Dr. Alicia Foxx (Chicago Botanic Garden)

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Host: Emily Minor

Abstract: Restoration practitioners have many seed material choices when restoring plant communities, but population variation that influences traits and plant performance makes this a less straightforward decision. My research explores the extent and structure of trait variation by looking at native seed source procurement or collection environment and outcomes for plant performance and survival. I explore root traits as an important interface between the plant and the environment and other neighbors and have evaluated Western US native species with budding research in tallgrass ecosystems.


Emily Beaufort

Date posted

Aug 1, 2023

Date updated

Jan 23, 2024