Hadley Talks Part 2  Add To Calendar

Speaker: Hadley Award Winners
Host: Minor
  • Date(s): Tuesday, 4/4 12:00 PM to Tuesday, 4/4 1:00 PM
  • Campus Address: 4289 SEL, 840 West Taylor St
Each year, the Ecology & Evolution group awards mini research grants to E&E graduate students. These presentations showcase the research that they conducted using the funds. This is the second of the three part series.

Elsa Anderson
 - Mowing impact on bee community composition in Chicago's vacant lots

Nolan Bielinski 
Using soundscape software to monitor anuran calling behavior in noisy habitats

Amanda Henderson
 - Into Darkness: Impacts of a Changing Basal Resource on Microarthropod Communities

Michael Ricketts
 - Arctic soil microbial community functional shifts in response to increased snow