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Jan 31 2023

E&E Seminar: "When to migrate when to breed: Is now still the right time?" Ellen Ketterson (University of Indiana Bloomington)

Tuesday, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm
SELE 4289
Feb 14 2023

E&E Seminar: "Ecology, Evolution and Expenses –Lessons from the Cayman Islands" by Jane Haakonsson (Dept. of Environment, Cayman Islands)

Tuesday, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm
4289 SEL
Feb 21 2023

E&E Seminar: "Antagonism, mutualism and diversification in tropical insect flower visitors" by Bruno de Medeiros (Field Museum)

Tuesday, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm
SELE 4289
Feb 28 2023

EE Seminar: Graduate Student Presentations

Tuesday, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm
SELE 4289
Mar 2 2023

LIN Seminar: "Cortical circuits for predictive processing" by Jordan Hamm (Georgia State University)

Thursday, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm
4289 SELE
  • 2,000 Students declared BioS majors for the Fall '18 semester. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences showed a record enrollment gain of nearly 4% from last year.

  • 80 th US News & World Report, UIC's Department of Biological Sciences graduate program is ranked 80th nationally.

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31 tenure-track faculty, 10 non-tenure-track faculty, 1900 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students

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