James Woodworth Prairie

James Woodworth Prairie

It is 5 acres (2 hectares) of original tallgrass prairie located in Glenview, Illinois. It is the only natural area owned by the University of Illinois at Chicago. Over 100 plant species characteristic of mesic, black-soil Illinois prairie are found on this small site. Many rare prairie invertebrates also successfully persist.

The Woodworth prairie is on the east side of Milwaukee Ave. a short way north of Golf Rd. It has been divided up into squares 10 meters on a side for the purpose of measuring spatial dynamics of organisms. A building holds both interpretive exhibits and space for research. The prairie is actively managed. Studies ranging from population size of particular species to the impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on plant communities have been conducted at Woodworth.

As a remnant of the prairie which once covered much of Illinois, Woodworth serves the community by providing an opportunity to experience prairie plants and animals that are now rare. For the intellectual community, Woodworth provides a base from which change can be measured and a challenge to understand how communities can be preserved.

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