Animal Care Facility

The Biological Sciences - Animal Care Facility

Facility Description

Includes 5824 square feet of space. Thirteen rooms house rodents (rats, mice, gerbils, and mole-rats), rabbits, and amphibians; some of these rooms have associated animal procedure space. The facility also includes a cagewash room, three operating rooms, office space, and a locker room. The facility is managed by one full-time animal care specialist. Construction features in the facility include: sealed concrete block walls, cement-plaster ceilings, painted concrete floors, and steel hollow-core, insulated doors with viewing panels.


The animal rooms can accommodate a wide variety of housing options, carefully designed to meet the combined goals of maintaining animal welfare and supporting high-quality research. The rooms are supplied with 100% fresh air and are individually temperature- and humidity-controlled. The ventilation system throughout is monitored 24 hours per day, and five rooms are monitored by a sensorbox system that will alert Physical Plant engineers and key departmental and veterinary personnel if temperatures fluctuate beyond acceptable levels.

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