How you can help

Dr. Tyner and Ms. Popelka were very influential in saving what was then known as Peacock Prairie. Dr. Rouffa lead the UIC part of the effort.

Insect Identification

Individuals who know insects have many species to find and identify. 


Dr. Evelyn Pease Tyner, Dr. Albert Rouffa, Bernice PopelkaIf you are interested in volunteering at the Prairie, please do so! 
You may help the prairie with:
  • Maintenance of native species, and the removal of nonnative species

  • Animal identification and inventory

  • General aesthetic maintenance with planting, weeding, etc.


Interpreters are employed to open and close the facility, guide visitors around the prairie and talk about the inside exhibits when JWP is open to public. Employees also do housekeeping and vegetation management. Typically, we have several employees, each with a particular day of the week as their 5 hour shift. The Interpretation Center, from the parking area. Immediately around the outside is a garden within a concrete wall.

Interested people should contact Dr. Alan Molumby, Director by email or mail. 

Mailing Address:
Department of Biological Sciences (3092 SEL)
University of Illinois at Chicago
845 West Taylor St.
Chicago, IL 60607


Neighbors of the Prairie have special opportunities to help, because what goes on immediately adjacent to the Prairie has an impact on it. Neighbors that remove shrubs from the border fence will help the Prairie. We thank those neighbors who have done so.