Animal Species


Killdeer display

Killdeer eggs

Redwing blackbird nest

Mourning Dove eggs

Mourning Dove young

Song sparrow nest


On the floor

At top of hole


Heading down hole

Paul Orlando in excavated hole


Singing male in habitat

Mating pair photo by Sheryl Breedlove

Female oviposition photo by Sheryl Breedlove

Marked male photo by Sheryl Breedlove

Cicada eggs in rose stem photo by UIC EM lab

Talk about Okanagana balli populations at JWP and in Illinois (Slide Show)

WETLAND Dwellers

A list of wetland Invertebrates >0.7 mm


Bee Guide

Other arthropods

Ant species list

Spider species list

Peck's skipper

Monarch photo by Frank Mayfield

Painted Lady

Rose cucullio beetles mating

PHOTOS on this page not attributed to others were taken by Dennis Nyberg.