Undergraduates present research in state capitol

Nicole Kula and Thomas McNally invited to Springfield, Illinois

Kula (left) and McNally

Nicole Kula and Thomas McNally were one of 10 UIC students invited to present at “Posters Under the Dome” in Springfield on 5/2/19, hosted by the Illinois Innovation Network. Invited students presented their research to Illinois senators and legislators in the capitol building.

Nicole Kula, a BioS student in McGinley lab, presented her research which  challenged a misconception that is published in many Microbiology lab manuals for undergraduates that heat fixing a bacterial smear slide kills the cells within the smear. I was her adviser.

Thomas McNally, another BioS student in LaDu’s lab, presented his research which evaluated a novel Alzheimer’s Disease therapeutic in a preclinical mouse mode for the disease.