UIC Biologist Sees Nature Sanctuary as Important to Wildlife

Amid a global environmental crisis, The Hyde Park Herald interviewed UIC Biological Sciences faculty Emily Minor on Chicago’s local efforts to preserve the South Shore Nature Sanctuary.

Minor studies how humans alter landscapes and the ecological communities within them, with a focus on how these interactions impact the world around us. Chicago metropolitan areas experience habitat fragmentation amidst urban development, which is a key component within her research. As discussed in the article: “Think back to several hundred years ago,” Minor said. “This whole area was covered in forests and prairies and swamps, and it was all habitat for animals. And now the vast majority of that is gone, so it’s not like we can say that having Montrose Beach and a few other places is enough. There’re still serving a function, but we could certainly do so much better.”

For full article, refer to: https://hpherald.com/2019/12/26/uic-biologist-sees-nature-sanctuary-as-important-to-wildlife/