Ankur Saxena presenting symposium “Sense’ational Neuroscience: Peripheral to Central and Back” on April 26th

Assistant Professor Ankur Saxena has planned a free one day symposium at the University of Illinois at Chicago entitled 'Sense'ational Neuroscience: Peripheral to Central and Back.

It will take place on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 9:00am - 4:30pm in MBRB, 900 S Ashland Ave, 60607 in the 1st floor auditorium (#1017).
Interested faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and researchers are invited to attend. Please share this information with your colleagues.
In order for us to plan accordingly, please RSVP here.
Here is the lineup for the day. You can attend one session or all.  Lunch is provided to attendees. All this information is also available at and in the attached flyer.
9:00-9:30      Sign in
9:30-10:10    Lisa Taneyhill, University of Maryland    "Neural crest-
placode cell interactions 
during cranial gangliogenesis"
10:10-10:50  Andy Groves, Baylor College of Medicine   "Audio, video,                        disco… How short and long range signals establish sensory
fate in the cochlea"
10:50-11:10  Coffee/snacks
11:10-11:50  Carole LaBonne, Northwestern University   "Evolutionary
origins of the vertebrate 
peripheral nervous system"
11:50-12:30  Brian Link, Medical College of Wisconsin   "Genetic screen
in zebrafish for factors 
important for optic nerve health"
12:30-1:30    Lunch
1:30-2:10      Vicky Prince,  University of Chicago   "Zebrafish neural
crest migration:  A prickly 
2:10-2:50     Data Blitzes by UIC Graduate Students
2:50-3:10     Coffee/snacks
3:10-3:50     Paolo Forni,  SUNY Albany     "Apical, basal or…? New
findings about the terminal 
differentiation of vomeronasal
sensory neurons"
3:50-4:30     Simon Alford, University of Illinois at Chicago    "The motor
command system - 
from brain to spinal cord"
For further information, please contact Ankur Saxena at