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New Family and Genus of Ichtyodectiformes Named for Late Emeritus Professor David Bardack

a fossilized fish next to an anatomical diagram

A recent publication by Kenshu Shimada and Riley Hacker (both of DePaul University) introduces the new family Bardackichthyidae and the new genus Bardackichthys, after the late emeritus professor David Bardack.

The species name bardacki already exists within the Ichthyodectiformes (the order Dave named), so his name is now represented in three different levels (family, genus, and species) of ichthyodectiform nomenclature!

David Bardack was a specialist on fishes and was responsible for naming and describing many of the fishes of the Mazon Creek biota, including early hagfish and lamprey.  He authored many taxon names, including Ichthyodectiformes, Mayomyzon, Mayomyzon pieckoensis, Mayomyzontidae, Myxinikela and Myxinikela siroka.