Finding Your Inner Modeler: An NSF Workshop – Year 2

Professor Dave Stone has organized an NSF-sponsored three-part workshop entitled “Finding Your Inner Modeler.” This workshop series is designed to demonstrate Molecular and Cellular Biology can be combined with Systems Biology – a synthesis of biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering, and computer science – to discover the deep organizing principles that govern cellular and organismal life.

Last year’s workshop was attended by one hundred and five cell biologists and computational/modeling scientists and ran the gamut from undergraduate students to senior professors.

The second part, “Finding Your Inner Modeler – Year 2” is scheduled for August 16 – 17, 2018.

The goals of the year 2 workshop are to provide cell biologists who want to begin modeling instructive talks and interactions and to give cell biologists who have already begun incorporating computational modeling into their research a chance to present their work and receive feedback from a panel of experts. The workshop will also bring together cell biologists and computational modelers who are interested in initiating interdisciplinary projects.

A short description of the year 2 goals can be found on the meeting website (

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