BIOS students embark on Northwest passage expedition

Away from the heat and humidity in Chicago, three undergraduate students along with two PhD students from UIC are currently on board an icebreaker as part of an 18-day National Science Foundation-supported research expedition, Northwest Passage Project, studying the Arctic Ocean’s impact towards life on Earth.

PhD students Cynthia Garcia (EaES), Frances Crable (Bios) and undergraduates Theressa Ewa (Biochem) Humair Raziudin (Bios and psychology) and Samira Umar (Chem and EaES) departed July 17th from the U.S. Air Base in Thule, Greenland, aboard the Swedish Icebreaker Oden. The innovative project is intended to better understand the effect of climate warming on the environment and biodiversity.

As a part of the sociological studies, the students interacted with Inuit community of Pond Inlet for a BBQ and other programs. Check out the video that summarizes this featuring Cynthia:

In addition, Frances had the opportunity to interact live with the Smithsonian Institute Museum of Natural History.

Throughout the journey, live broadcasts via Facebook live will be available. The first live broadcast from the Oden featuring the students will be on July 25th and then again on July 30th.

Link to broadcast: Frances will be hosting the live broadcast today July 26that 5:55 PM CT.

Inner Space Center also provides day-today highlights of the journey. Check out the latest highlight, featuring Cynthia and Frances at