Apr 26 2017

‘Sense’ational Neuroscience: Peripheral to Central and Back

April 26, 2017

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

You are invited to the free one day symposium at the University of Illinois at Chicago entitled 'Sense'ational Neuroscience: Peripheral to Central and Back.  

It will take place on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 from 9:00am - 4:30pm in MBRB, 900 S Ashland Ave, 60607 in the 1st floor auditorium (#1017).
Interested faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and researchers are invited to attend. Please share this information with your colleagues.
In order for us to plan accordingly, please RSVP here. https://www.saxenalab.com/rsvp
Here is the lineup for the day. You can attend one session or all.  Lunch is provided to attendees. All this information is also available at https://www.saxenalab.com/symposium and in the attached flyer.
9:00-9:30      Sign in
9:30-10:10    Lisa Taneyhill, University of Maryland    "Neural crest-
                     placode cell interactions 
during cranial gangliogenesis"
10:10-10:50  Andy Groves, Baylor College of Medicine   "Audio, video,
                     disco… How short and 
long range signals establish sensory
                     fate in the cochlea"
10:50-11:10  Coffee/snacks
11:10-11:50  Carole LaBonne, Northwestern University   "Evolutionary
                     origins of the vertebrate 
peripheral nervous system"
11:50-12:30  Brian Link, Medical College of Wisconsin   "Genetic screen
                     in zebrafish for factors 
important for optic nerve health"
12:30-1:30    Lunch
1:30-2:10      Vicky Prince,  University of Chicago   "Zebrafish neural
                      crest migration:  A prickly 
2:10-2:50     Data Blitzes by UIC Graduate Students
2:50-3:10     Coffee/snacks
3:10-3:50     Paolo Forni,  SUNY Albany     "Apical, basal or…? New
                    findings about the terminal 
differentiation of vomeronasal
                    sensory neurons"
3:50-4:30     Simon Alford, University of Illinois at Chicago    "The motor
                    command system - 
from brain to spinal cord"
For further information, please contact Ankur Saxena at saxenaa@uic.edu.



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