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Jan 31 2023

E&E Seminar: “When to migrate when to breed: Is now still the right time?” Ellen Ketterson (University of Indiana Bloomington)

January 31, 2023

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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SELE 4289

Please join us on January 31st at 12:30 pm in SELE 4289 for an E&E Seminar featuring Dr. Ellen Ketterson (University of Indiana Bloomington).

Ketterson Lab

Host: Angie Salles

Abstract: The climate is changing rapidly and natural populations are altering their phenology and geographic distributions in response. Some populations are exhibiting plastic changes in situ; some are evolving; and some are moving. Ecological, evolutionary, and organismal biologists are striving to make  accurate predictions re future phenology and distributions. Assessing the respective roles of plasticity and adaptation will be essential. Species and populations that have been studied intensively over time can contribute. My talk will focus on related biology in a songbird, the dark-eyed junco, that I have studied intensively for nearly fifty years.


Emily Beaufort

Date posted

Sep 16, 2022

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Jan 3, 2023