Jan 31 2017

Biological studies on the ocean floor

January 31, 2017

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


4289 SEL, 840 West Taylor St

Oceans cover nearly 70% of the planet, to an average depth of over 3700 m.  The largest habitat for animal life on the planet, the deep sea and its inhabitants remain the least known. The sheer volume of the oceans tends to limit their study.  I introduce why and how one undertakes studies of deep-sea animals despite the inherent difficulties in working in this immense area.  I then focus on my research on animals in two habitats, hydrothermal vents and the habitat created by wood that has fallen to the seafloor.  Taxonomic and systematic revisions are currently underway.  Throughout, I highlight pioneering women who have made significant contributions to deep-sea studies. 

Expeditions web page with photos

voight seafloor
This photo is from ALVIN of a new opening on the seafloor surrounded by stauromedusae that in the end were named after the speaker



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