Accounting Office is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the Department’s General Ledger through account reconciliations and other analyses, providing timely and reliable financial and accounting services to Management and the University community, maintaining a knowledgeable staff who understand various accounting processes from start to finish, providing accurate and timely customer service, and utilizing technology effectively in the operation of accounting functions while ensuring compliance with the University’s audit and generally accepted accounting principles and ethical standards. 

Mission Statement
To provide exceptional customer service to Faculty, Staff and Students.

  • Manage all receipts and disbursements for the Department
  • Disseminate University, State and Federal accounting policies & procedures
  • Process students travel and grant awards
  • Transaction based reconciliation
  • Financial reporting to Faculty and LAS
  • Budgeting
  • Ensure Compliance with University, State and Federal policies & procedures
  • Pay the Department's Bills
  • Pre and Post Award Grant Administration

Contact Information

University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Biological Sciences (MC066)
845 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60607
Fax:  (312) 413-3936


Thomas T. Lagen, Director of Finance
3368 SES
Phone:  (312) 996-2222  

Brian Zeid, Accountant
3374 SES
Phone:  (312) 996-2223

Siyu (Eunice) Zheng, Accounting Associate
3372 SES
Phone: (312) 996-0829


The following are commonly used forms:

Graduate Student Request for Travel Funds

P-Card Requisition Form (PRF)

Non-Travel Reimbursement Form

Travel Reimbursement Form

T-Card Memo


Business Meals:  For complete rules, please follow this link

The following is only a segment of the meal limitation rules:


Employees only




$ 25

$ 25

$ 25


$ 25

$ 25

$ 40


$ 40

$ 25

$ 60


$ 25


$ 25





*Please note: that the Department’s per person limit for alcoholic beverage is $12 per person.

Expense reimbursements:  As a general rule, NEVER purchase anything over $499 except for travel expenses.  Always include the funding source.   As a reminder, if requests for reimbursements are made 60 days after the transaction occurred, the University may consider the reimbursement as a taxable event.  For additional information, please follow this link.


  • Always create a PO BEFORE procuring goods/services
  • Please contact Eunice Zheng for assistance or training.
  • Please see this Praxair Job Aid to place orders for gas.
  • Upon Checkout for any iBuy order, the Summary page will be displayed.  Please find the Internal Notes and Attachments section located just below Accounting Codes.  Click on the edit button for Internal Note to provide funding source.
  • This link provides training resources.
  • iBuy do's and dont's link

P-Card (Purchase Card)

Do not use a P-card for business meals, travel, and registration.
Please provide a completed PRF and supporting documentation immediately after the transaction has been completed.  Always include the funding source.  Please refer to P-card Manual.  For complete rules, please follow this link

T-Card (Travel Card):  
Please use the T-card for business meals, travel, and registration.
Please notify the T-Card holder prior to using it so that transactions may be appropriately monitored and provide a completed T-Card Memo and supporting documentation immediately after the transaction has been completed.  Always include the funding source.  For complete rules, please follow this link

  • 2018 mileage reimbursement rate:  54.5 cents per mile
  • UIC’s Preferred car rental companies are National & Enterprise.  Please note: employees will not be reimbursed for the “Optional Damage Waiver” (LDW or CDW) unless the car rental takes place in a foreign country.  If using the preferred vendors, LDW or CDW is covered at no additional cost.  Use the University’s corporate discount ID number XZ62053 when renting a car with these preferred vendors.
  • When traveling on University business, NEVER charge meals to the room if lodging was booked using a University T-Card.  The same rule applies to external guests when lodging was booked using a University T-Card.
  • Please note that employees are not allowed “reimbursement” of meals while traveling on University business.  Employees are allowed “per diem” meals.  For complete rules, please follow this link

Reporting Fraud or Misconduct, Whistleblower Protection, and Investigations
The University has developed numerous policies and procedures for enforcing standards of conduct and behavior. Additionally, University employees are expected to abide by applicable state and federal laws. Furthermore, an employee cannot be compelled by a supervisor or University official to violate a University policy, an applicable law, or public policy.  If you have particular knowledge of specific acts which you reasonably believe constitute “wrongful conduct”, please contact the University Ethics Office via the toll­free Help Line at 866­758­2146 or by email at