Core Faculty

Name and Title Research Contact Information
Alfonso, Aixa
Associate Professor / Neuro Group Coordinator
Classical and molecular genetic analysis of neural development and synapse function in C. elegans
(312) 355-0318
SEL 3061
Chang, Chieh
Associate Professor
Molecular and opto-genetic investigation of neural circuit assembly and regeneration

MBRB 4072
Chuang, Chiou-Fen
Associate Professor
Molecular and genetic mechanisms of cellular diversity in the C. elegans sensory system 

MBRB 4070
Featherstone, David
In Memoriam
Neurogenetic studies of glutamate signaling in Drosophila and mice
(312) 413-2516
SEL 4311
Gong, Liang-Wei
Associate Professor
Molecular mechanisms of exocytosis and endocytosis
(312) 413-0089
SEL 4296
Leonard, John
Role of neurotransmitter receptor phosphorylation state in synaptic plasticity and learning and memory
(312) 996-4261
SEL 3055A
Malchow, Robert Paul
Associate Professor/ LIN Director
Synaptic mechanisms in the vertebrate retina; neural-glial interactions; transport processes
(312) 413-1552
SEL 4083
Murphy, A. Don
Associate Professor Emeritus

Neuronal mechanisms underlying rhythmic behaviors and decision making
(312) 996-8087 
SEL 4275
Park, Thomas
Professor/Associate Head

Neurobiology studies of sensory systems using behavioral and physiological techniques
(312) 413-3020 / (312) 355-1387 
SEL 4278A / SES 3242
Richmond, Janet
Department Head/ Professor
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission (exocytosis, endocytosis and receptor trafficking) in C. elegans
(312) 413-2513
SEL 4309