The Neurobiology Group in the Department of Biological Sciences at UIC studies many aspects of nervous system function from single cells to the physiological basis of behavior. Active areas of research include synaptic transmission, cellular and developmental neurobiology under normal and diseased states, neuron-glia interactions, sensorimotor integration, perception and learning and memory. Questions range in scale from the role of specific molecular interactions to how behavior is shaped by environmental, genetic and evolutionary influences. A wide variety of invertebrate and vertebrate systems are used, and experimental approaches include molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, immunocytochemistry, light and electron microscopy, physiological imaging, electrophysiology, quantitative behavioral analysis and high-speed videography.

The Neurobiology faculty teaches undergraduate courses covering fundamental principles of neuroscience, animal physiology and behavior available through the Biological Sciences undergraduate program. We also have a vibrant graduate neuroscience program that provides a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing original research that prepares students for research, teaching, and careers in academic, professional, governmental, and industrial settings.

The Neurobiology group is also part of the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience, a unit of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UIC. LIN brings together faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students from different departments including Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Philosophy and Psychology. Throughout the year, LIN sponsors research seminars and events to foster interdisciplinary research and scholarship.