LMB Facilities and Equipment in MBRB

Faculty and student research in the Laboratory for Molecular Biology addresses important questions in areas such as recombination and genetic rearrangement, cell biology, signal transduction, structural biology, biochemistry and developmental biology at the molecular and cellular levels through studies of bacteria, single-celled eukaryotes, and higher plant and animal systems.

Through the clustering of individual laboratories with shared equipment and facilities, the LMB fosters a productive and fertile research environment. Additionally, research facilities maintained by the the Department of Biological Sciences, the new Molecular Biology Research Building and the University include a complete spectrum of equipment for research in biochemistry, structural biology, cytology, and physiology.

LMB/MBRB Facilities

Plant Growth Facility
Automatic Film Processor
Glassware Washers, Dryers & Sterilizers
Walk-in Cold and Warm Rooms
Direct-purchase stocks of lab supplies

LMB Equipment

Still Video Imaging System
G-C Analysis System
Multiwell-plate Scanners
PCR Cyclers
Scintillation Counter

MCDB Shared Equipment 2013

Department Resources

Animal Care Facility 
Plant Research Laboratory (Greenhouse)
Science Library