MCDB Core Faculty

Name and Title Research Contact Information
Alfonso, Aixa
Associate Professor / Neuro Group Coordinator
Classical and molecular genetic analysis of neural development and synapse function in C. elegans
(312) 355-0318
SEL 3061

Buhse, Howard
Professor Emeritus
Cell differentiation and molecular biology of lower eukaryotes
(312) 996-2997
SES 3242
Dubreuil, Ronald
Associate Professor
Genetic studies of digestive tract in Drosophila: uptake and processing of dietary fat
(312) 413-7831
MBRB 4152

Jeffrey, Constance
Associate Professor
Protein structure and function, membrane proteins, moonlighting proteins
(312) 996-3168
MBRB 4252

Kay, Brian

Molecular recognition, protein-protein interactions, protein engineering, biotechnology, phage-display
(312) 996-4249
MBRB 4320
Lynch, Jeremy
Assistant Professor
Evolution of development, insects, embryos, pattern formation, germline determination, cis-regulatory logic, genetic basis of form and morphogenesis
(312) 996-5460
MBRB 4020
Morrison, Don
Genetic recombination and quorum sensing in the streptococci
(312) 996-6839 
MBRB 4102
Okkema, Peter
Muscle & neuronal development and organogenesis in the nematode C. elegans
(312) 413-7445 
MBRB 4052
Orenic, Teresa
Associate Professor
Pattern formation in the Drosophila adult limbs and nervous system
(312) 355-1452 
MBRB 4220
Polikanov, Yury
Structural studies of ribosome functional complexes
(312) 413-2408
MBRB 4170
Saxena, Ankur
High-resolution imaging and functional analysis of stem cell migration/neurogenesis in zebrafish
(312) 413-8137
MBRB 4120
Stone, David
Professor / MCDB Group Coordinator
G protein regulated signaling, directional sensing, and cellular polarization in yeast
(312) 996-5710 
MBRB 4002
Warpeha, Katherine
Assistant Professor
Global change biology, cellular stress, cellular signaling, plant products of the phenylpropanoid pathway
(312) 996-7646 
MBRB 4268

Affiliate Faculty

Name and Title Research Contact Information
Richmond, Janet
Professor / Department Head

Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission (exocytosis, endocytosis and receptor trafficking) in C. elegans
(312) 413-2513
SEL 4309