Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology Research Group (MCDB)

MCDB Group Photo

The Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (MCDB) research group within the Department of Biological Sciences includes investigators with research programs spanning molecular, cell and developmental biology, genetics and biochemistry. Faculty research interests are broad, addressing questions from basic to the more applied sciences, and using model systems ranging from bacteria to mice.  MCDB faculty, staff and students are housed primarily in the Molecular Biology Research Building (MBRB) on the UIC west campus.  The MCDB faculty teach undergraduate courses in genetics, cell, molecular and developmental biology, embryology and biochemistry.  At the graduate level, the MCDB research group offers studies leading to the PhD degree through the Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology graduate program.  MCDB graduate students conduct independent research while mastering theoretical and technical fundamentals, authoring original manuscripts, and attending national and international scientific conferences.  Departmental and university facilities provide access to fluorescence, confocal and electron microscopy, transgenic animal production, high-throughput sequencing and genomics analysis, molecular proteomics and more.