Core Faculty

Name and Title Research Contact Information
Ale, Som
Clinical Assistant Professor
  (312) 996-4578
SES 3358
Ashley, Mary V.
Molecular ecology, landscape genetics, conservation biology

(312) 996-9462
SEL 1031
BassiriRad, Hormoz
Ecophysiology, plant nutrition and global climate change
(312) 996-8674
SEL 4103
Brown, Joel
Professor Emeritus
I use foraging theory and game theory to study predator-prey interactions and urban wildlife locally and globally
(312) 996-4289
SES 3352

Gonzalez-Meler, Miquel 
I use isotopes to study how the world's ecosystems respond to human-induced changes such as
climate or invasive species, with emphasis on biogeochemical cycling.
(312) 355-39282
SES 3338
Howe, Henry F.
I study restoration of seed-dispersal processes and habitat heterogeneity in fragmented  tropical landscapes.
(312) 996-0666
SES 3460
Igic, Boris
Associate Professor
Evolution, mating systems, diversity and disparity within/among organismal groups, quantitative trait loci
(312) 413-5406
SEL 4085
Mason-Gamer, Roberta
I use genetic methods to study plant evolutionary history, with a particular focus on the phylogenetics of polyploids and hybrids.
(312) 996-4537
SEL 1008

Minor, Emily
Associate Professor
Landscape ecology, urban ecology, conservation planning, dispersal and invasions
(312) 355-0823
SES 3346
Molumby, Alan
Clinical Associate Professor

(312) 996-2994 
SEL 3092
Muller, Michael
Senior Lecturer
  (312) 996-3476 
SEL 3092
Nelson, Karin
Clinical Assistant Professor

(312) 413-8904 
SES 3378
Poretsky, Rachel
Assistant Professor

Microbial ecology in marine and freshwater environments, metagenomics and metatranscriptomics, bioinformatics
(312) 996-2217
SEL 4100a

Wise, David

Interface between community and ecosystem ecology; control processes in terrestrial food webs; assessing outcomes of ecological restorations in metropolitan landscapes
(312) 413-9191
SES 3476