Henry F. Howe

Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences

 PhD, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Website: Dr. Howe's Lab

About Dr. Howe's Research
I am interested in biotic and abiotic forces that alter the interactions of plant species. Current and recent projects include: (1) experimental restoration of diversity in tropical landscapes; (2) tests of fire season of and rodent effects in experimental tallgrass restorations; (3) effects of forest fragmentation on seed dispersal by fruit-eating animals; and (4) spatial demography of desert plants. Previous interests included sex-ratio adjustment in blackbirds, and the rhetoric of science, including the projection of expertise to non-scientists by scientists.

Over my career I have been fortunate to have worked with remarkable graduate students. Twenty have finished PhDs with me, nine have finished master’s degrees. A full list is on the “complete CV” link on my website. In the future I will be interested in students who will work with me and others on an experimental restoration project in southern Mexico.

Representative Publications 
(Complete list of publications on Google Scholar)

More links to article downloads are available via the Complete CV link on the lab website.

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Contact Information

Office: 3460 SES, MC 066
Phone: 312-996-0666
Fax: 312-413-2435
Email: hfhowe@uic.edu