Spring 2021 Instructional Information

Spring 2021 Instructional Information

There are three types of courses being offered this spring.

Online Asynchronous

What this means: An online course where there are no mandatory set meeting times using video conferencing technology. The course might have optional set meeting times, where attendance is encouraged but not required, these will be recorded for students unable to attend.  Students use Blackboard to participate in online learning activities each week. Coursework is completed on students’ own time while still meeting deadlines

Online Synchronous

What this means: An online course where students use video conferencing technologies (such as Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom etc.) to join class at set meeting times each week.  Blackboard may be used for students to participate in online learning activities.

On Campus

What this means: A course that, primarily, though perhaps not entirely, will meet on campus with the aid of video conferencing technologies and social distancing strategies employed in order to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

Students, please review the Course Descriptions for each of your BIOS courses so you know more about the course structure, requirements for the course and whether the course will be on campus.

The vast majority of our course offerings will be conducted remotely, either synchronously or asynchronously. Below is a chart that details the courses which will be held on campus and whether attendance in person will be required.

Please note that there are courses for which attendance is required and that do not have a separate on-line track. Do not register for these classes unless you are able to attend in person. There is no separate remote track. Consult your advisor if this course is required for you to graduate in the fall.

In-Person Course Information

Course Number Attendance- Required or Optional Instructor
310 Required - some weeks Chong
312 Required- some weeks Linn
351 Attendance on-campus is NOT REQUIRED. This lab may be completed fully online in an asynchronous format. A computer and reliable internet access are required. OPTIONAL on-campus lab sessions will be offered. Lab coats, goggles, gloves are required for the optional on-campus sessions and will be provided. Contact instructor for questions about the course: amario3@uic.edu McGinley
443 Recommended but instructor is amenable to having students attend remotely Park
482 All the lectures given on Tuesday will be online synchronous. For the lab practices given on Thursday, half will be online synchronous, and half will be in person. But the TA will make those "in-person" lab practices online synchronous as well so people who can't come in person can still do online synchronously. Chang